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Electric Vehicle Tech

NiCd batteries in REEVA President Mark Hanson's electric Porsche 914

Electric Vehicle Systems

Practically any sized sub-compact to midsize car can be used as a donor to convert to electric power. Various kits are available and adaptor plates for many models to adapt motors to the transmission.



Safety First

Read this information before starting your project.

The same precautions used for working on gasoline powered cars apply to electric ones as well. Make sure to use the proper supporting devices such as jack stands to support the vehicle. Always keep the drive wheels off the ground when servicing the motor or doing major work on the vehicle. Since the vehicle is powered by electricity there is the possibility of shock or electrical shorts that can result in personal injury, death or serious fire. When connecting batteries, tape one end of the wrench with electrical tape to prevent a short if the wrench falls and comes in contact with the terminals. When servicing the vehicle make sure the main circuit breaker is off. When checking the water level in batteries always wear protective eyewear. If you are not experienced in some aspects of the conversion you can contract out the welding.


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