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Resource Guide

PV Site Survey Form
24k pdf

Roanoke Radiation Chart
60k pdf

Roanoke Sun Path Chart
44k pdf

Renewable Energy Tech

Typical Installation of a solar photovoltaic and hot water system (illustration by Chip Gribben)

A Solar Home System

A typical solar grid tie installation is $10 per watt or $50k for a standard 5kw system (without incentives). The total parts run about $5 - $6 per watt.

Roanoke Area Sun Path Chart

Download a PV Site Survey Form

Download a Roanoke Area Radiation Chart



Safety First

Read this information before starting your project.

Installing renewable energy equipment often involves climbing ladders, working on roofs or digging trenches. All these improvements can pose a risk that can result in serious injury or death.

When working on a roof we recommend a harness securely attached to the roof. Everyone working on the roof should be wearing a harness at all times. Ladders should extend three feet above the roof. A temporary board should be installed towards the edge of the roof to catch tools and provide a safety catch in case someone looses their footing and slides down the roof. The board should not be a replacement for wearing a harness, however.

If you are unsure of your capabilities contact a contractor to perform the work.


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